The view from the Ford’s Theatre stage looking out to the audience. To the left of the stage is the President Box with an American flag, a framed picture of George Washington and American flag bunting draped over the box. To the right is another box with yellow and white curtains. In the center of the stage is a wooden desk. The view includes two levels of seating and rows of lighting equipment on the third level.
Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.

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Whether you become a member, donor or volunteer, your support keeps Lincoln’s legacy alive for our visitors, theatre patrons, students and educators across the country.

We offer many ways to support Ford’s Theatre Society, providing insider access, benefits and privileges in appreciation of your commitment. Thank you for your loyalty and enthusiasm. And we look forward to working with you as we set the stage for the future and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.


Donors help sustain our theatrical productions, educational programs and museum exhibitions. As a non-profit organization, Ford’s Theatre Society relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations to advance Lincoln’s unfinished work.

A woman stands in the Ford’s Theatre balcony near the Presidential Box leading a guided tour for seven people who are seated.
Photo by Scott Suchman.


Through generous donations, individuals like you help history come alive as we explore the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln and celebrate the American experience through theatre and education.

Nine performance since on stage. The men are wearing tuxedos, and the women are wearing evening gowns.
Rayshun LaMarr, Nova Y. Payton and the Ensemble perform at the Ford’s Theatre Annual Gala June 5, 2022, in Washington, D.C. Photo by Norwood Photography.

Other Ways to Give

When you invest in Ford’s Theatre, you inspire the next generation of students, teachers and learners to shape the world guided by Lincoln’s ideals and leadership principles.

Three woman stand arm in arm in the lobby of Ford's Theatre. Two are holding stovepipe hats. One is holding up a sign that reads "God Bless the Women of America - Abraham Lincoln, 1864."
Photo by Kendra Scott.

Generation Abe

Generation Abe is a community of theatre and history lovers ages 21-40. It is free to join!

Three young boys and two adults gather at a table in the Ford’s Theatre Museum where they put together puzzles of Abraham Lincoln’s face. A Ford’s Theatre staff member sits at the table to assist.
A puzzle making activity was available in the Ford’s Theatre Museum. Photo by Gary Erskine.


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