Students perform on stage as part of the Ford's theatre oratory festival. Five girls stand in front holding each other's hands above their heads. A dozen student kneel behind them.
Photo by Gary Erskine.


Your support helps preserve Lincoln’s legacy and helps us inspire the next generation of leaders.

When you support Ford’s Theatre, you become part of the family, while making an impact on your community and your nation.

Donations and membership further our mission of celebrating Lincoln’s legacy and exploring the American experience. Your support helps fund educational programs like the Oratory Festivals, giving children a place on our national stage. Your funding brings the American experience to life through our performances. And your generosity inspires visitors by exploring the importance of President Lincoln and his legacy through our exhibits.

Our Annual Reach

An exterior view of historic Ford’s Theatre, a three-story brick building with five arched windows on the second and third floor. The bottom floor is white and has five arched entryways.
Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.

Historic Site

A row of children stand on the Ford's Theatre stage dressed in white shirts and stovepipe hats.
Photo by Gary Erskine.


The view from the Ford’s Theatre stage looking out to the audience. To the left of the stage is the President Box with an American flag, a framed picture of George Washington and American flag bunting draped over the box. To the right is another box with yellow and white curtains. In the center of the stage is a wooden desk. The view includes two levels of seating and rows of lighting equipment on the third level.
Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.


A group of ten men and women laugh together in a small room. All but one are sitting at tables with lunches on top.
Photo courtesy of Ford’s Theatre.


Impact Reports

Explore the impact of Ford’s Theatre in the community.

Your Support Makes The Difference!

Photo by Gary Erskine.

Bringing the Arts into the Classroom

Each year, Ford’s offers free and reduced-price tickets for Ford’s Theatre mainstage productions to local students to provide young people access to the performing arts. This important program gives students access to the arts and empowers their teachers to incorporate the arts into their classrooms! Learn more about our Student Matinees.

A group of schoolchildren in white shirts and tan pants stand or kneel on a stage.
Photo by Carolina Dulcey.

Empowering Students

Each year the Lincoln Oratory Festival and the Lincoln Online Oratory Project have classrooms study speeches by a diverse group of historical orators and work with a Ford’s Teaching Artist to expand their vocabulary, develop public-speaking skills and build confidence as they bring great speeches to life. These incredible programs enable students to experience how the power of public speaking can communicate ideas and inspire others. Learn more about the Lincoln Oratory Festival and the Lincoln Online Oratory Project.

A teaching artist leads an oratory workshop.
Photo by Carolina Dulcey.

Empowering Teachers

Ongoing, high-quality professional development for school-based educators is essential for maintaining positive student outcomes in the classroom and working directly with educators creates a multiplier effect for the number of students experiencing Ford’s content and pedagogy. Learn more about our Teacher Professional Development.

A group of students gather on a spiral staircase, while a Ford’s Education staff guide shows them the Lincoln Book tower, a giant column of books in the center of the staircase.
Photo by Lisa Sommers.

Preserving History

As the site of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Ford’s Theatre holds a unique place in the history of the United States. Whether through onsite tours of the historic site or virtual resources, Ford’s makes it a priority to preserve our collective history and reflect on how the past still impacts us today. Learn more about visiting Ford’s Theatre.

Smiling cast members dressed in Victorian-era clothing greet patrons in a meet and greet onstage.
The cast and patrons at the 2023 sensory-friendly performance of Ford Theatre’s A Christmas Carol. Photo by Andrew Buchsbaum.

Ensuring Accessibility

At Ford’s Theatre, we are committed to ensuring visitors of all abilities can experience the performances, exhibits, history and programs our site has to offer. Learn more about our Accessibility Offerings.

What Your Gift Can Do

See how your donation helps Ford’s Theatre.

Actors playing Harry Ford and Harry Hawk wear 1860s costumes including top hats. They stand in front of the Ford’s Theatre Presidential Box.
Photo of Jonathan Atkinson and Joe Mallon by Carolina Dulcey. Background photo by Gary Erskine.

$250 brings a local class to One Destiny

Your support enables production of and free tickets for One Destiny, a one-act play commissioned and produced by Ford’s Theatre that revisits the events of April 14, 1865.

Young children stand behind and a railing and look at a tower of books.
Photo by Gary Erskine.

$100 funds school bus transportation

Ford’s provides FREE tickets and bus transportation for students. Your support provides many students with their first experience of live theatre.

Abraham Lincoln, wearing his signature beard and dressed in a suit, is seated for a formal portrait. He is photographed from the waist up and looks directly into the camera.
Photo courtesy of Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site.

Preserve Lincoln’s Legacy

Membership helps fund all of our theatrical and educational programming. Join today!

A side exterior view of historic Ford’s Theatre, a three-story brick building with five arched windows on the second and third floor. The bottom floor is white and has five arched entryways.
Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.

Monthly Donations

Make your donation go further with recurring gifts.

A Special Thanks

Donors and members help us make a difference every day. View the list of our donors and see who has helped us make a lasting impact in our community.

Individual Donors

Ford’s Theatre Society is pleased to recognize all individuals making cumulative annual contributions of $250 or more. The list below includes gifts received February 1, 2023- January 31, 2024. To request additional information, please contact us at or call (202) 434-9545.

See Full List

$50,000 and Up
  • Mr. Michael R. Hemmerich
  • Mr. and Mrs. S. Craig Lindner
  • Marlene A. Malek and the Malek Family Charitable Trust
  • Noémi K. Neidorff
  • Phebe N. Novakovic

$25,000 – $49,999
  • Mrs. Eva Al-Thani
  • Jean A. Baderschneider and Patrick J. MacArevey
  • Marcia Myers Carlucci
  • Art Collins
  • Ms. Gloria Story Dittus
  • John Farnam and Paul Heitzenrater
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Gates
  • Hon. Sven Erik Holmes
  • Mr. Frank F. Islam and Ms. Debbie Driesman
  • Blake Johnson
  • James Lintott and May Liang
  • David and Stephanie Long
  • Mrs. Kathleen K. Manatt
  • Catherine Merrill and the Merrill Family Foundation
  • Ayesha and Timothy Molino
  • Heather M. Podesta
  • Lola C. Reinsch
  • Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Spiegel
  • Hon. Rex and Renda Tillerson

$10,000 – $24,999
  • Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Agugliaro
  • Brian and Merry Anderson
  • Ms. Elizabeth Arpey
  • Steven and Shirley Barry
  • The Benders
  • Andy Blocker
  • Senator Roy Blunt and Mrs. Abigail Blunt
  • Ms. Pamela J. Braden
  • Mr. Ian Cameron
  • Joseph and Kasey Crowley
  • Ray and Alysia Dempsey
  • Lawrence Duncan III
  • Mr. James W. Dyer
  • Shannon Estrin
  • Ms. Karyn McLaughlin Frist
  • Susan and John Hess
  • The Honorable John W. Hickenlooper and Mrs. Robin Hickenlooper
  • Dr. Ray R. Irani and Mrs. Ghada Raslan Irani
  • Hon. Alphonso Jackson and Mrs. Marcia Jackson
  • Michelle and Michael Keegan
  • Ms. Elizabeth Baker Keffer
  • Ritu and Ro Khanna
  • Mr. and Mrs. Evan A. Knisely
  • Marc Lampkin
  • Helmuth Ludwig
  • Mr. Verdun S. Perry
  • Hilary Geary Ross
  • Mrs. Alison Russell
  • The Honorable Frederick J. Ryan Jr.
  • Charles Segars
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smithson
  • The Honorable and Mrs. John Tanner
  • Louise Taper
  • Mr. Paul R. Tetreault and Mr. John Jeter
  • John and Katherine Weiland

$5,000 – $9,999
  • Susan Ambrecht
  • Mr. Mark Anderson and Ms. Cary Hobbs
  • Joyce M. Brayboy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dubin
  • Ms. Elizabeth Duggal and Mr. Alain Taghipour
  • The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph B. Gildenhorn
  • Drew and Samantha Hunter
  • Sho Kanagawa
  • Kyungso Kim
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Kimmitt
  • In Memory of Helen Calamos Kiplingler
  • Drs. Dan and Susan Mareck
  • Elaine Reuben‡
  • Keiji Shikata
  • Tsuneo Shimoji
  • Paul, Renee and Eva Skafte
  • Brooke and David Thomas
  • Hitomi Tokuda
  • Mr. Mike Wilkins and Ms. Sheila Duignan
  • Wendy Dinova-Wimmer and Robert Wimmer
  • Yoshimi Yamada
  • Yujie Yang
$2,500 – $4,999
  • Mr. Richard Arentz
  • Lucille A. Bland
  • Scott and Kim Boylan
  • Doug and Anne Marie Bratton
  • Mr. Kelly Brion and Professor Philip Tirpak
  • David C. Brough
  • Pablo and Paula Collins
  • The Honorable and Mrs. John H. Dalton
  • Will Steele and Chris Drake
  • Harvey, Pam and Ryan Ernest
  • Ms. Theresa M. Fariello
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walter Galvin
  • The Honorable Susan S. Gibson and Colonel Tim Gibson
  • Jacqueline and Alexander Henry
  • Helen and David Kenney
  • Kent and Karen Knutson
  • Patrick Landis and Edward Wilde
  • Bob McDonald and David Insinga
  • The Montheys
  • Dr. Klint Peebles and Mr. Shannon Sloat
  • Doug and Pam Robinson
  • Brenda and William Romenius
  • The Sheeters
  • Mr. and Mrs. Skip Snyder
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Woodson
  • Anonymous (5)
  • Col. Richard R. Abelkis
  • Betsy O’Brien Anderson
  • Barbara Benoit
  • Stephen and Patti Bickley
  • Christine Quern in memory of Sophie Bombara
  • Michael L. Burke and Carl W. Smith
  • Bill and Nancy Calvert
  • The Honorable Elaine L. Chao
  • Steve and June Chaudet
  • Hon. Emmanuel Cleaver and Mrs. Diane Cleaver
  • Shannen and Casey Romanoff Coffin
  • Jim and Kathy Consagra
  • The Honorable and Mrs. John Cornyn
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Coulter, Jr.
  • Mr. Robert W. Cover and Ms. Bonnie Lepoff
  • Janice King Crawford
  • Frank and Nancy DeGrace
  • Stephen and Maryann Dembek
  • Cathi Diener
  • Mr. Rob Doerschner
  • Nishon and Pat Evans
  • John Farrell
  • The Robert Fitch Family
  • The Rose and Crown Family
  • Dave and Debra Fogg
  • Michael and Erica Folk
  • Paul Hancq
  • Meg and John Hauge
  • Robert and Breanna Head
  • Jeff and Beth Hearrell
  • Ken and Deb Hess
  • Bill and Jane Hoover
  • Mr. Thomas Housman
  • Emma Jacobs Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Mia Kang
  • Lyle and Elizabeth Kellman
  • Tamara Turoff Keough
  • Mr. W. Gary Kohlman and Ms. Lesley Zork
  • Dr. Michelle A. Krowl
  • Sanjiv Kumar and Mansoora Rashid
  • Tamera Luzzatto and Alphie Feir
  • Mr. David S. Magee
  • The Honorable Edward J. Markey and Dr. Susan J. Blumenthal Markey
  • Robert and Diane McDonald
  • The Honorable James P. Moran
  • Dick Morin
  • David and Helen Nagel
  • Ms. Martha Newman
  • Mr. Edward A. Picard
  • Ron and Doris Richburg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Rieu
  • Mr. and Mrs. James R. Riley
  • The Honorable James E. Risch and Mrs. Vicki Risch
  • The Rosenbaum Family
  • Joe Rozek Col. (R) and Family
  • Patricia and Eric Sanner
  • Judd and Bev Schulke
  • Al Scott
  • Gina Shultz
  • Jason Snyder
  • In memory of Kenneth E. Stroud
  • Peter and Ann Tanous
  • The Honorable Michael R. Turner
  • The Velez Family
  • In Memory of Mark Russell
  • Jon and Sandy Willen
  • Curtis and Lisa Williams
  • James Beller and Christopher Wolf
$500 – $999
  • Anonymous (6)
  • Patrick and Kim Anderson
  • Leon and Robyn Andris
  • Ken Bartels and Jane Condon
  • Ted and Dora Sue Black
  • Barbara Bonessa and Alan Perkins
  • Sandy Boyar
  • Blain and Peg Butner
  • Dr. Carol Ciofalo and Mr. Robert S. Tedder III
  • Therese Ciolek
  • Daniel Conway
  • Andy Cottrell
  • Valerie and John Cuddy
  • Philip de Picciotto
  • Louis Delair Jr.
  • Dennis M. Dengel
  • Donna Lee Diane
  • Anne and Christopher Dillon
  • Dr. Amanda K. Emo
  • Mr. Sheldon Epps
  • Ms. Katherine Evans
  • Catherine Fadel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rick Froehlich
  • Joseph H. Gale
  • Jerry and Trish Gething
  • Bernard S. Gewirz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Greenberg
  • The Grindall Boys
  • Tim and Norene Guilford
  • Rachel Hecht
  • Lucia Hill
  • Frank and Sherry-Lyne Holinaty
  • Angel and Seri Irazola
  • Patricia Jackman and Stephen L. John
  • David and Pamela Julyan
  • Mr. Sheldon Katz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kelley
  • James W. Lambert
  • Andrew Lewis
  • Colonel and Mrs. James A. Lien
  • Maria D. Llorente MD
  • John and Beth Lord
  • McFarland Family Trust
  • Omoregie Okhomina
  • C. and J. Orza
  • Ms. Ruth Oyen
  • Ms. Susan J. Parks
  • Janet and Bill Pence
  • Jan Powers
  • Danielle Sherriff and Eric Reichenberger
  • David Reutzel
  • Martha Richards
  • Laura and David Rinn
  • Ms. Diane Robey
  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Siler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Stang
  • Kathy Stonitsch
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stranghoener
  • Craig and Amy Strent
  • Raymond Sullivan
  • Ms. Margo Trovinger
  • The Van Dolsons
  • Elysia and Mike Whisler
  • Ms. Iris Weinshall
  • Richard T. Willing, Jr.
  • Mary and Lance Wood
  • Mr. John Young
$250 – $499
  • Anonymous (16)
  • Alexander Albertine
  • William Allen and Jenna Lane
  • Bernie and Pat Alter
  • Tonia and Scott Anderson
  • Ann Griffith Ash
  • Ms. Anne Ashmore-Hudson
  • Charles and Michele Bangert
  • Dr. James M. Banoczi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Barash
  • Joan Barclay
  • Jeannie and Robert Binns
  • James L. Bonnette
  • Ms. Ann Bonneville
  • Peter and Carolyn Bray
  • Melissa and David Brewer
  • Julianne Brienza
  • Kalyn Bruin and Bruce Adams
  • Janis Buckstad
  • The Burkart Family
  • Greg and Maria Burkhardt
  • In honor of Christopher D. Payne
  • James Campbell
  • Ms. Kathleen Carey
  • Ms. Maria Carmona and Mr. Ari Fitzgerald
  • Louis Cernak
  • Brian and Allayne Chappelle
  • Piper, Melissa and Dane Cherry
  • Jon and RuthAnn Clark
  • In Memory of David and Aida Donald
  • Shelli Coffey
  • William Cooke
  • Nancy Corbett
  • Daniel Curran and Stephanie Steele
  • Philip and Joan Currie
  • Kathy Day and Annette Totten
  • Bruce and Melissa Dell
  • In honor of Mr. Jon Baker
  • John Driscoll
  • Sage and Sally Eastman
  • The Erickson Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. L.J. Flood
  • Ingrid Fox
  • Kristin Fox-Siegmund
  • Lawrence Franks and Ellen Berelson
  • Ms. Barbara Fugate and Mr. Kazuo Yaginuma
  • Ambassador and Mrs. James I. Gadsden
  • Ms. Ana I Garcia
  • Brian and Erica George
  • Erin Germany and Edward Meyers
  • Ms. Barbara Gilchrist
  • Deborah Goode
  • Carole C. Gori
  • Grammer Family
  • Caroline Ferris Hall
  • John B. and Nancy E. Handy
  • Ms. Christine Hansen
  • Britt Haxton
  • Hayes and Samuel
  • Lisa and Ron Hayes
  • Robert E. Hebda
  • Mark and Lisa Heitz
  • Jim and Judy Herceg
  • Sarah and Nathan Hewitt
  • Ms. Janet Hiatt
  • Harold and Edith Holzer
  • Joe Horning and Reed Young
  • Mr. Joseph R. Hradisky and Mr. Mark A. Tecco
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jacquot
  • Gary L. Jones II
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Keener-Farley
  • Kathy and Mike Kelly
  • Tyler and Chelsea Kennedy
  • Ms. Sylvia Kihara
  • Ms. Nancy Klain
  • Dana and Ray Koch
  • Lauren Lamb
  • William Lammers and Debbie Jackson
  • Mr. Justin Latus
  • Joe and Libby Lawler
  • Ms. Sheri A. Layton
  • Thomas Fontana in memory of Sagan Lewis
  • Mr. and Mrs. John C. Little
  • Mariai Llornes
  • David H. Mandel
  • Andrea Marrical
  • Debbie Marshall
  • Mr. David J. Mason
  • Linda Mason and Paul Haspel
  • Shelley and Allen McCabe
  • Thomas J. McGonigle
  • John and Nancy Mengel
  • Ms. Courtney Miller
  • Lt. Col. Thomas R. Miller, USAF (Ret)
  • Mr. Jeff Montague
  • Zell Murphy and Mark Wasson
  • Stanley Myles
  • Carl and Undine Nash
  • Charles John O’Byrne
  • Jonathan ONeill
  • Jane D. Pacelli
  • Michael Parker
  • William H. and Mary B. Parker
  • Trevor Pascoe
  • Kelley and Rand Paul
  • Stan Peabody
  • Suzanne Perry
  • Elaine and Michael Prendergast
  • Mr. and Mrs. LeBrodes Randall
  • Reid Reininger
  • Femi Richards
  • Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Ritchie
  • Tim, Kris and Dot Ritter
  • Ms. Lisa Robrahn
  • Denise Rollins
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Rowlingson
  • Tonya and Abe Saffer
  • Alan and Florence Salisbury
  • Ms. Janet Saros
  • Alan J. Savada and Will Stevenson
  • COL Bobby and Kristi Saxon (USA Retired)
  • David J. Saylor
  • William Scaggs
  • Gary and Robin Scher
  • Ms. Lois Schutte
  • Fran Sdao
  • Mr. John P. Sekas
  • Mrs. Sylvia B. Sellers
  • Joshua and Kimberly Shaffer
  • Susan Shallcross
  • Michael R. Smith and Holly A. Larisch
  • Stephen T. Smith
  • Cheryl Spohnholtz
  • Mr. Robert Stanga
  • Bob and Charlotte Stevenson
  • Lee and Barbara Strange
  • Silas Sullivan
  • LTC (Ret) Frank Tedeschi
  • Alexander Thomson and Carol Michaelsen
  • Christine Traugott
  • The Tregoning Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gilberto J. Varela
  • Corey and Amanda Vitello
  • Drs. Jill Waalen and Douglas Schulz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Walker
  • Dawn and Ken Wetmore
  • John Wheeler
  • Keith K. Whipple
  • Nancy Whitfill
  • Gerry Widdicombe
  • Jean Williams

‡ Deceased

Foundation and Government

Ford’s Theatre is grateful for the support of these organizations that allows us to pursue our mission and provide a high-quality cultural experience.

Ford’s Theatre gratefully acknowledges these corporations, foundations and government entities for their generous support. The list below includes gifts received from January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023.

See Full List


$50,000 and Above
  • D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • The Hearst Foundations
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services
  • National Capital Arts and Cultural Affairs Program/U.S. Commission of Fine Arts
  • National Park Service
  • Share Fund
  • The Shubert Foundation, Inc.
$10,000 – $49,999
  • Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation
  • The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
  • Mars Foundation
  • Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation
  • National Endowment for the Arts
  • Dr. Scholl Foundation
  • The Smart Family Fund
$1,000 – $9,999
  • Dimick Foundation
  • The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation

Corporate Donors

Since its inception in 1970 by The Honorable C. William Verity, Jr., the Board of Governors has celebrated the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln and supported the exploration of the American experience through theatre and education. Today, the Board of Governors comprises corporations and associations who support and advance the mission of Ford’s Theatre through a variety of activities, including production underwriting, education program underwriting and general operating support.