Black and white photograph of the exterior of Ford's Theatre and the rest of 10th street as it looked in the 19th century.
Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Interview Exclusive: Author Brian C. Anderson Discusses Ford’s Theatre

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Brian Anderson is a Washington, D.C., lawyer who has been a member of the Ford’s Theatre Society Board of Trustees since 2001. Brian sat down with us to talk about his new book Images of America: Ford’s Theatre. The book’s rich collection of historical images and descriptive text tells the riveting tale of the 180-year-old Ford’s Theatre building and the pivotal role it has played in American History since 1834. Images of America: Ford’s Theatre includes 200 rarely seen and never before published historical photographs, drawings, maps, letters, blueprints and other documents, along with descriptive text. Hear what Brian has to say as he takes us through all of the fascinating moments in Ford’s Theatre’s history, from its humble beginnings as a Baptist church, to the assassination, to its current legacy as a working theatre, museum and national historical landmark.

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