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Meet the Interns: What it’s Like to Intern at Ford’s

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Want to know what it’s like to learn by working alongside the staff at Ford’s Theatre? Find out about from the four fall 2016 college student interns! Below, they share who they are, what they did and why they loved every moment.


Photo of the Ford’s Theatre Aftermath Exhibits © Maxwell MacKenzie.

James Santos

Hometown: Rockaway, NJ
College: University of Maryland, College Park
Major: History and Psychology Double Major

During a late night job search online, Santos found the Ford’s Theatre internship for History Intern and thought, “That’s me!” Santos simplified his position to calling himself the Education Intern, but really found himself covering everything from digital strategy, history and education initiatives.

What was your favorite project during your internship?

I was able to go to the Library of Congress to research some documents of John T. Ford, the owner of Ford’s Theatre. I’ve never worked with primary source documents, so I thought it was a really great learning experience in getting sources for research.

How does your internship at Ford’s help you with your future internship/career goals?

I want to work in a museum setting, so Ford’s was an amazing place to have my internship. It’s both a museum and a working theatre, so seeing that interposition is really unique. I get to see how the Ford’s Theatre Society and National Parks Service interact, which was awesome to learn about.

What’s next: More work! In the spring, Santos will bring his love for history to the National Museum of American History, where he will intern in the Office of Programs and Strategic Initiatives.

Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.

Ta’lor Prince

Hometown: Clinton, MD
College: University of Maryland, College Park
Major: English Language and Literature

What challenged you at Ford’s?

When I started, I thought that I wanted to be strictly on the artistic side and go into play-writing or directing, but now I’m seeing the other possibilities.

What advice do you have for future Ford’s interns?

Don’t be afraid to get to know other people because that can possibly land you in another department, or uncover another opportunity to discover things that you may not have thought that you would be interested in.

What’s next: Prince will return to intern at Ford’s again in the spring, but this time in the Development department.

(Left to right) Holly Twyford as Martha, Danny Gavigan as Nick, Maggie Wilder as Honey and Gregory Linington as George in the Ford’s Theatre production of Edward Albee’s  Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, directed by Aaron Posner. Photo by Scott Suchman.

Catherine Moran

Hometown: Danville, CA
College: The George Washington University
Major: Journalism and Mass Communications

What has been your favorite project during your internship?

I came wanting to build on my writing skills, and I really did! My favorite piece is the “come from aways” blog where I interviewed several actual airline passengers who had to stop over in Newfoundland while American air space remained closed on September 11, 2001. I tied in the passengers’ stories to Ford’s Broadway-bound production of Come From Away, a musical based on the real life stories from 9/11 passengers and the Gander, Newfoundland, locals.

What did you learn about President Lincoln and his legacy during your internship?

I had no idea how much Lincoln’s memory influenced current productions at the theatre. In one way or another, every aspect of Ford’s ties back to Lincoln, whether it concerns his assassination, love for the theatre or legacy. Ford’s does an amazing job of preserving the historic site and making history relevant for the present.

What’s next: Moran will finish up her undergraduate requirements and starting graduate courses for an MA in Media and Strategic Communication. She will bring her PR skills to the Kennedy Center as an intern in Public Relations Office.


The Ford’s Theatre musicians of Come From Away. Photo by Carol Rosegg.

Fallon Williams

Hometown: Houston, TX
College: Howard University
Major: Theatre Arts Administration 

As an active theatre, educational destination, national historic site and museum, Ford’s is a multidimensional place to work. How much did you interact with the other departments?

Sitting through technical rehearsals, I have been able to watch all production departments as they work. I have connected with directors, set designers and sound technicians and heard information that has helped me with my own creative designing process.

What do you want your legacy to be?

[In my life] I want to be remembered as an African-American woman who is able to transcend the idea of just lighting a stage, allowing the lights to be instrumental in communicating the story. I want to always be able to use my passion for lighting to create beautiful things for the human eye.

What’s next:Williams will design a multitude of pieces for Howard University next semester. She credits Ford’s with giving her the confidence to “just take the leap” and apply what she’s learned.

Catherine Moran is a student at The George Washington University where she is studying journalism and mass communications. An avid lover of theatre and writing, she was the Communications and Marketing Intern at Ford’s Theatre for fall 2016.

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Catherine Moran is a former student at The George Washington University


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