A large group of men and women in Victorian era clothing stand in a line hand-in-hand on a stage and face the audience. Behind them is a Christmas tree.
The cast of the 2014 production of A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre. Photo by Scott Suchman.

A Christmas Carol

A must see holiday tradition!

date November 20, 2014 — January 1, 2015

Join the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future as they lead the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge on a journey of transformation and redemption. Originally conceived by Michael Baron, this music-infused production captures the magic and joy of Dickens’s Yuletide classic.

Artistic Team

Written by Charles Dickens
Adapted by Michael Wilson
Director Michael Baron
Scenic Design Lee Savage
Costume Design Alejo Vietti
Lighting Design Rui Rita
Original Music and Sound Design Josh Schmidt
Choreographer Shea Sullivan
Wig Design Charles G. LaPointe
Choral Direction Jay Crowder
Dialects and Vocal Director Leigh Wilson Smiley
Associate Directors Craig A. Horness & Patrick Pearson
Production Stage Managers Craig A. Horness & Martita Lee Slayden
Assistant Stage Manager Taryn Friend
Casting Patrick Pearson


Carolyn Agan


Michael Bunce

Solicitor #2/Undertaker

Felicia Curry

Doll Vendor/Ghost Of Christmas Past/ Ghost Of Christmas Future

Headshot for William Diggle.

William Diggle

Solicitor #1

Headshot of Erin Driscoll.

Erin Driscoll

Mrs. Fred

Headshot for Lauren Dupree.

Lauren Du Pree

Mrs. Fred’s Sister/Beggar Woman

Headshot for Edward Gero.

Edward Gero

Ebenezer Scrooge

Rick Hammerly

Mr. Fezziwig

Headshot for Helen Hedman.

Helen Hedman

Mrs. Dilber/Mrs. Fezziwig/Mother At Doll Stand

Headshot for James Konicek.

James Konicek

Jacob Marley/Old Joe

Headshot of actor Gregory Maheu

Gregory Maheu

Fred/Young Scrooge

Amy McWilliams

Mrs. Cratchit

Headshot for Jon Odom.

Jon Hudson Odom

Topper/Young Marley

Stephen F. Schmidt

Clock Vendor

Headshot of Bobby Smith.

Bobby Smith

Bob Cratchit

Headshot for Morgan Southwell.

Morgan Southwell

Martha Cratchit

Anne Stone

Fruit Vendor/Ghost Of Christmas Present

Headshot for Kristen Garaffo.

Kristen Garaffo


Headshot of Calvin McCullough.

Calvin McCullough


Headshot for Cole Edelstein.

Cole Edelstein

Turkey Boy/Ignorance/Boy Scrooge

Headshot for Kevin Grieco.

Kevin Grieco

Peter Cratchit/School Boy

Headshot for Hedy Hosford.

Hedy Hosford

Want/School Girl

Headshot for Heidi Kaplan.

Heidi Kaplan

Fan/Daughter At Doll Stand

Headshot for Catalina Laje.

Catalina Laje

Tiny Tim

Headshot for Julia Laje.

Julia Laje

Belinda Cratchit/School Girl

Headshot for Camden Lippert.

Camden Lippert

Want/School Girl

Headshot for Shira Minsk.

Shira Minsk

Belinda Cratchit/School Girl

Headshot for Joshua Otten.

Joshua Otten

Peter Cratchit/School Boy

Headshot for Eli Schulman.

Eli Schulman

Turkey Boy/Ignorance/Boy Scrooge

Headshot for Ella Schooner.

Ella Schnoor

Fan/Daughter At Doll Stand

Headshot for Harrison Wright.

Harrison Wright

Tiny Tim

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