An actor in a boy scout uniform sings into a microphone on a stage. He has a placard around his neck with the number 29 written on it. Other students and teachers dance around him.
The cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, directed by Peter Flynn at Ford’s Theatre. Photo by Scott Suchman.

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

date March 14, 2014 — May 17, 2014

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee follows six awkward adolescents through their daunting and hilarious championship quest. As they navigate the tournament’s pressures, the eccentric coterie finds a new sense of belonging.  Along the way, they learn that there is more to life than winning a trophy. This charming coming-of-age tale also invites four volunteers from the audience to participate in each performance, ensuring new and unexpected comedy every night. Peter Flynn (1776) returns to direct this heartwarmingly quirky Tony-winning musical comedy.

Artistic Team

Director Peter Flynn
Choreographer Michael Bobbitt
Music Direction Christopher Youstra
Scenic Design Court Watson
Costume Design Wade Laboissonniere
Lighting Design Nancy Shertler
Sound Design David Budries
Wig and Make-Up Design Anne Nesmith
Dialects Susanne Sulby
Production Stage Manager Craig A. Horness
Assistant Stage Manager Taryn Friend


Carolyn Agan

Olive Ostrovsky

Matthew A. Anderson

Vice Principal Douglas Panch

Felicia Curry

Marcy Park

Headshot for Kristen Garaffo.

Kristen Garaffo

Logainne Schwartz, Grubenniere

Headshot for Vincent Kempski.

Vincent Kempski

Chip Tolentino

Headshot for Kevin McAllister.

Kevin S. McAllister

Mitch Mahoney

Vishal Vaidya

William Barfee

Headshot for Nickolas Vaughan.

Nickolas Vaughan

Leaf Coneybear

Headshot for actress Rachel Zampelli.

Rachel Zampelli

Rona Lisa Perretti

Headshot for Maggie Donnelly.

Maggie Donnelly


Headshot for Clark Young.

Clark Young



Keyboard I/Conductor Christopher Youstra
Keyboard II George Fulginiti-Shakar
Reeds Lee Lachman
Cello Drew Owen
Percussion Mark Carson

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