A collage of photographs, newspapers and memorabilia related the death of Abraham Lincoln.
Collage created by Gary Erskine.

Remembering Lincoln is now on HistoryPin!

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We’re pleased to announce that as of April 14, 2015, the 149th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s death, our Remembering Lincoln digital project is now on HistoryPin!

HistoryPin is a website dedicated to placing historic images on the map—literally. You can use it to find and learn about images from the past near you—or somewhere else in the U.S. or beyond you might want to learn about.

Since Remembering Lincoln is a project devoted to making the national story of the Lincoln assassination local, working with HistoryPin is a logical fit.

A sampling of items in the Remembering Lincoln digital collection. More to come!

On our project page, we will share items contributed by partners and items that we find for the Remembering Lincoln project. We’ve started with newspaper headlines about the assassination from around the United States, but we’re also looking for objects, letters, diaries and more. (You can click the link that accompanies each headline to find the entire newspaper page on the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America website.) We also have items that our partners have contributed to the project thus far.

This HistoryPin project page is also meant as a place where you can contribute items. Do you have something that fits within the scope of the Remembering Lincoln collection? Click on the “Pin your items here” button and follow the three-step process.

Learn more about what we’re looking for here.

If your item fits within the scope of our project, we’ll contact you about including it in the main Remembering Lincoln website when it launches.

As more partners contribute items, we’ll add them to the HistoryPin project page. So keep checking back!

David McKenzie is Digital Projects Manager at Ford’s Theatre, coordinating the Remembering Lincoln digital collection. He is also a part-time History Ph.D. student at George Mason University, studying 19th-century U.S. and Latin American history, as well as digital history.

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David McKenzie is former Digital Projects Manager at Ford’s Theatre.

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