An exterior view of historic Ford’s Theatre, a three-story brick building with five arched windows on the second and third floor. The bottom floor is white and has five arched entryways.
Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.

Media Permission and Release Form

  1. Permission to Record. I, the individual whose signature and printed name appear below, hereby give the Ford’s Theatre Society, a not-for-profit organization (“Theatre”), permission to capture my own and / or my child’s image, voice and work during and in connection with pre-approved interviews and data collection. I hereby acknowledge that such recording(s) may be made directly by the Theatre or by third parties on the Theatre’s behalf, and may be used for audio, video, film, or any other electronic, digital and printed media.
  2. Permission to Use. I give the Theatre my further permission to use, at no cost to the Theatre, any or all part(s) of such recording(s) and documentation(s) for any purpose(s) in furtherance of the Theatre’s mission to celebrate the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and explore the American experience through theatre and education. Such uses include, but are not limited to: (a) creating and distributing videotapes, audiotapes, compact discs and/or DVDs for personal use or further broadcast; (b) making such recording(s) available via Theatre publications, the Theatre’s web site at and over the Internet or mobile devices, (c) incorporating such recording(s) into exhibits at the Ford’s Theatre Museum and/or Center for Education and Leadership, (d) studying the structure, nature, and effects of the Theatre’s programming and (e) promotional materials such as posters, brochures and advertisements and other print formats.
  3. Release of Claims. I hereby release the Theatre from any and all claims, for compensation or otherwise, that I now have or may acquire in the future by reason of the Theatre’s making or use of recording(s) as described above, and its use and public or private display of my name, voice, image, and/or work for the purposes set forth herein.
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