What People are saying about Ford’s

Welcome to Ford’s Theatre. We love hearing from our visitors and patrons! Whether you are a history buff, Instagram aficionado or a theatre lover, we’ve got something for everyone at our historic site. Here’s what our enthusiastic fans have to say:

What a triumph! It will be a night we will all remember and such an uplifting one.Such a positive look at human behavior compared to our political situation today! There is hope!!!!
– Doris Kearns Goodwin on Ford's Theatre's production of “Come From Away: In Concert at the Lincoln
You cannot possibly be a history nerd and not visit Ford’s Theatre. I cannot tell you how many times I have now been there or how many times I've dragged different friends in with me. Such an awesome experience, and not likely one you will ever forget.
– Megan K. (Yelp)
Loved coming to Ford’s Theatre back in the day, but the renovations of a few years ago has made it even better. The theater remains as it was, but now there's an entire museum underneath it. Don't forget to get your ticket for the house across the street where president Lincoln died. It also has a m
– Charles S. (Yelp)
So much history here! Still operational as a theatre too. It was a great experience being here and there’s a particular wall before you go into the actual theatre part that tell both sides version of their day before the final events and it was amazing to see as well.