The view from the Ford’s Theatre stage looking out to the audience. To the left of the stage is the President Box with an American flag, a framed picture of George Washington and American flag bunting draped over the box. To the right is another box with yellow and white curtains. In the center of the stage is a wooden desk. The view includes two levels of seating and rows of lighting equipment on the third level.
Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.

Board of Governors

Since its inception in 1970 by The Honorable C. William Verity, Jr., the Board of Governors has celebrated the legacy of President Abraham Lincoln and supported the exploration of the American experience through theatre and education. Today, the Board of Governors comprises corporations and associations who support and advance the mission of Ford’s Theatre through a variety of activities, including production underwriting, education program underwriting and general operating support.

Executive Chairman’s Circle

Headshot of Chevron executive Karen Knutson.


Karen Knutson
Member since 1980

Headshot of General Dynamics executive Phebe Novakovic.

General Dynamics

Phebe N. Novakovic
Member since 1996

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Shelly O’Neill Stoneman
Member since 2004

Chairman’s Circle

Headshot of Boeing executive Ziad Ojakli.


Ziad Ojakli
Member since 2022

Headshot of Home Depot executive Heather Kennedy.

The Home Depot, Inc.

Heather Kennedy
Member since 2006

HII Mission Technologies

Andy Green
Member since 2023

Vice Chairman’s Circle

Headshot of Altria Group executive Phil Park.

Altria Group

Phil Park
Member since 2008

Headshot of BP America executive Mary Streett.

BP America

Mary Streett
Member since 2004

Charter Communications

Rachel Welch
Member since 2014

Headshot of ConocoPhillips executive Andrew Lundquist.


Andrew Lundquist
Member since 1989

Headshot of KPMG executive Steven Barry.


Steven G. Barry
Member since 2007

Headshot of Meta executive Kevin Martin.


Kevin Martin
Member since 2017

Headshot of National Retail Federation executive Matthew Shay.

National Retail Federation

Matthew Shay
Member since 2016

Headshot of Ovation Executive Charles Segars.


Charles Segars
Member since 2014

Headshot of PwC executive B.J. Agugliaro


B.J. Agugliaro
Member since 2021

Silhouette of a human head on black.


Kent Knutson
Member since 2024

Siemens Corporation

Brie N. Sachse
Member since 2004

Headshot of United Airlines executive Theresa Fariello.

United Airlines

Theresa Fariello
Member since 2018

President’s Circle

Headshot of Bloomberg executive Josh Eastright.


Josh Eastright
Member since 2010

Headshot of Southern Company executive Bryan Anderson.

Southern Company

Bryan Anderson
Member since 2003

Headshot of Visa executive Robert Thomson III.

Visa Inc.

Robert Thomson III
Member since 2007

Vice President’s Circle

Headshot of Alton & Bird LLP executive Dennis Garris.

Alston & Bird LLP

Dennis Garris
Member since 2007

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Mimi Braniff
Member since 1978


Andy Blocker
Member since 2019

Headshot for Oracle executive Josh Pitcock.


Josh Pitcock
Member since 2008

Headshot of Phillips 66 executive Caroline Eliassen

Phillips 66

Caroline Eliassen
Member since 2013

Headshot of UPS executive Laura Lane.

United Parcel Service

Laura Lane
Member since 2009

Director’s Circle

Silhouette of a human head on black.

Albertsons Companies Inc.

Marie Sllya Dixon
Member since 2023

Alibaba Group

Mercy Du Beehler
Member since 2018

Headshot of ACLI executive Susan Neely

American Council of Life Insurers

Susan K. Neely
Member since 2015

American Petroleum Institute

Mike Sommers
Member since 2010

Headshot of executive Larry Di Rita of Bank of America.

Bank of America

Larry Di Rita
Member since 1995

Headshot for Best Buy executive Parker Brugge

Best Buy

Parker Brugge
Member since 2009

Headshot for Citi executive Candida P. Wolfe.


Candida P. Wolff
Member since 2013

Headshot of Comcast NBCUniversal executive Mitch Rose.

Comcast NBCUniversal

Mitch Rose
Member since 2004


Kelly Cole
Member since 2017

Headshot for Delta Air Lines executive Heather Wingate.

Delta Air Lines Inc

Heather Wingate
Member since 2017

Headshot for Eli Lilly executive Shawn O'Neail.

Eli Lilly and Company

Shawn O’Neail
Member since 2019

Headshot of Ford's Motor Company executive Christopher Smith.

Ford Motor Company

Christopher Smith
Member since 2004

Headshot of Greenberg Traurig executive Robert C. Jones.

Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Robert C. Jones
Member since 2022

Honeywell International

Jim Carroll
Member since 2024

Headshot of Johnson & Johnson executive Jane Adams.

Johnson & Johnson

Jane Adams
Member since 2017

Kekst CNC

Brian Bartlett
Member since 2023

Nareit Foundation

Catherine Barré
Member since 2016


National Association of Realtors

Shannon McGahn
Member since 2019

Silhouette of a human head on black.

Nuclear Energy Institute

Michael Flannigan
Member since 2017

Headshot of Pinnacle West Capital Corporation executive Robert S. Aiken.

Pinnacle West Capital Corporation

Robert S. Aiken
Member since 2002

Headshot of Principal Financial executive Christopher D. Payne

Principal Foundation

Christopher D. Payne
Member since 2013

Headshot of S&P Global executive Darlene Rosenkoetter

S&P Global

Darlene Bright
Member since 2018

Headshot of Salt River Project executive Renee Eastman.

Salt River Project

Renée Eastman
Member since 2013

Headshot of Shell Oil Company executive Brian P. Malnak

Shell Oil Company

Brian P. Malnak
Member since 2005

Headshot of Toyota executive Stephen J. Ciccone.

Toyota Motor North America

Stephen J. Ciccone
Member since 2002

Tractor Supply Company

Noni L. Ellison
Member since 2021

Headshot of Wells Fargo executive Shawna Fix.

Wells Fargo

Shawna Fix
Member since 2018