A display case with the black suit Lincoln was wearing the night of his assassination, the door leading to the theatre box and other relics from Ford’s Theatre. On the wall to the right of the display case is a timeline of Lincoln’s day on the date of the assassination, a large reproduction of the playbill for “Our American Cousin” and a timeline of Booth’s day for the date of the assassination.
Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.

Highlights from the Museum: Abraham Lincoln and the Technology of War

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The Abraham Lincoln and the Technology of War exhibition is filled with insights about President Lincoln and the technological advancements of the 19th century. The exhibit’s curator, Stephen Wilson, tells us how the museum holds snapshots of history. Nearly 50 artifacts are featured demonstrating the improvements in weaponry, the telegraph, the railroad system and photography. A creative inventor himself, Lincoln stopped at local farms during his legal circuit to see the newest machines.

Watch the video to learn about Lincoln’s persistence in convincing soldiers and generals to integrate new technologies in the Civil War.

The exhibition is on display at the Ford’s Theatre Center for Education and Leadership until July 6.


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