A father in a suit crosses his arms angrily. His wife looks at him apprehensively, while his two adult sons look at him warily.
Craig Wallace as Willy Loman with cast members Thomas Keegan, Kimberly Schraf and Danny Gavigan for Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman. Photo by Scott Suchman.

Death of a Salesman

A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Classic about the Cost of the American Dream

date September 22, 2017 — October 22, 2017
3 hours with one intermission
Recommended for ages 13 and older.

Willy Loman’s career is over. During a pivotal 24 hours, he reflects on his life as a father, husband and traveling salesman. Truth and lies intermingle as Willy tries to reconcile the optimism of his youth with his unfulfilled dreams. As the full force of reality crashes down on him, he places his last hope of success in his two sons. Arthur Miller’s classic play challenges us to reconsider what it means to succeed and the cost of chasing the American Dream. Stephen Rayne (“Our Town,” “The Widow Lincoln,” “Sabrina Fair”) directs Craig Wallace as Willy Loman and Kimberly Schraf as Linda.


Nora Achrati


Headshot for Aakhu Freeman.

Aakhu TuahNera Freeman


Headshot for Danny Gavigan.

Danny Gavigan

Happy Loman

Headshot of actress Jennifer Gerdts

Jennifer Gerdts

The Woman

Headshot of actor Thomas Keegan.

Thomas Keegan

Biff Loman

Headshot of actor Joe Mallon.

Joe Mallon


Headshot for actor Brandon McCoy

Brandon McCoy


Headshot for Lynette Rthanam.

Lynette Rathnam


KenYatta Rogers

Howard Wagner

Headshot of actor Michael Russotto.

Michael Russotto


Kimberly Schraf


Frederick Strother

Uncle Ben

Headshot for Katheryn Tkel.

Katheryn Tkel

Miss Forsythe

Craig Wallace

Willy Loman

Headshot for JaBen Early.

JaBen Early


From the Gallery

"Big and faithful! Craig Wallace and Kimberly Schraf — partners in real life — share some lovely, unguarded moments that draw you into the Lomans’ struggles, but they are also unflinchingly brusque with the family’s uglier moments."
– The Washington Post
"Ford's Theatre's must-see production is raw and gripping in its emotional intensity. Led by Craig Wallace's powerhouse performance as Willy Loman, Miller's Pulitzer Prize winning play is as relevant now, maybe more so, in its questioning of the American dream as it was when it first opened."
– Broadway World
"Fresh and relevant! Five stars! Craig Wallace is a powerful actor, capable of bathing the stage in swagger and menace, but he brings a surprising amount of vulnerability to his portrayal of Willy. "Death of a Salesman" is arguably the best American play of the twentieth century."
– DC Theatre Scene
"Stirring! D.C. theater vet Craig Wallace shines in the titular role of salesman Willy Loman. The name 'Willy Loman' conjures a slight figure, but Wallace’s stocky, powerful frame makes Loman’s descent in dementia all the more tragic to observe. He’s superb."
– City Paper
"Ford’s Theatre’s emotionally-enriched production highlights the “everyman” in Miller’s story that speaks to each of us. The perennially relevant social drama seems as timely as ever in this powerful Ford’s Theatre revival."
– DC Metro Theatre Arts
"Ford's Theatre is giving a very polished production to Salesman, one that leaves no doubt as to why this play has remained so beloved since it was first produced in 1949."
– Theatermania
"Craig Wallace, in the leading role, gives a passionate, unguarded performance that amplifies the play’s painful truths."
– Metro Weekly

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