A side view of the stage and seating at Ford’s Theatre. On the left is the Presidential Box with an American flag, a framed picture of George Washington and American flag bunting draped over the box.
View from the stage of Ford’s Theatre. Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.

Student Activity: The Assassination of President Lincoln

The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln was an unprecedented event. Lincoln had just started his second term as president and was looking towards rebuilding the nation after the Civil War when he became the first president to be assassinated.

How could such a thing have taken place—and in Washington, the fortified capital of the nation? In this activity, you will use primary source documents and accounts from the night of the assassination to explore Lincoln’s investigation.

This activity uses the Lincoln’s Assassination page on the Ford’s Theatre website to explore and analyze the assassination. On the webpage, there is a red box on the left side to guide you through the investigation. Use the graphic organizers in this lesson to record your findings and form conclusions about Lincoln’s assassination.

Let the investigation begin!

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