Three woman stand arm in arm in the lobby of Ford's Theatre. Two are holding stovepipe hats. One is holding up a sign that reads "God Bless the Women of America - Abraham Lincoln, 1864."
Photo by Kendra Scott.

Generation Abe

Generation Abe is a community of theatre and history lovers ages 21-40. It is free to join!

Join Generation Abe and you can:

Several people stand on the historic Ford’s Theatre stage. Behind them is the President’s Box. The President Box has an American flag, a framed picture of George Washington and American flag bunting draped over the front.
Photo by Kendra Scott.

Meet and mingle with museum staff, artists, curators and peers

A man and woman with their wallets in their hands smile as they pay for admission to an event. Behind them a group of young people talk together.
Photo by Kendra Scott.

Attend special events just for Generation Abe

At center is Dorothy, wearing a white dress, silver shoes and mirrored sunglasses. She is surrounded by the residents of Emerald City, all dressed in shades of green and also wearing mirrored sunglasses. Everyone looks surprised.
Photo of the cast of The Wiz by Carol Rosegg.

Get discounted theatre tickets

“Highly recommend attending an after-hours event here to avoid the crowds of tourists and have a more intimate experience.”


Generation Abe Events