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Lincoln Assassination Lesson Planning Ideas and Teacher Guide Resources for Fords.org

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Teachers asked—we listened!

In the past few years, we have expanded access to historical content about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination through new webpages that use primary sources, and annotated images and artifacts that illuminate stories related to that event.

In response to suggestions from many educators, we’ve created teacher guides for these webpages with the assistance of Kevin Murphy, a former social studies teacher.

Each teacher guide (PDF) contains:

  • A brief introduction to the webpage, including its structure
  • Details about what images, artifacts and primary sources are explored
  • A section with suggested lesson activities to use with your students

Explore the guides below—and keep checking back, as we’ll continue to add more guides and webpages in the months ahead.

Lincoln’s Assassination

Lincoln’s Death

Night on 10th Street

Investigating the Assassination

Trial of the Conspirators

Impact on a Nation

Lincoln’s Funeral

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