Actors portraying John Adams and Benjamin Franklin each hold one hand of a woman in a yellow dress and sing.
Brooks Ashmanskas as John Adams, Erin Kruse as Martha Jefferson and Christopher Bloch as Benjamin Franklin in the Ford’s Theatre production of 1776, directed by Peter Flynn. Photo by Carol Rosegg.


date March 9, 2012 — May 19, 2012

With quick-witted dialogue and a playful score, 1776 dramatizes the impassioned debates of Philadelphia’s Second Continental Congress. As George Washington sends updates from the military front, patriots John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson attempt to persuade the 13 colonies to separate from British rule. Motivated by a series of abuses from King George, America’s first politicians forge a new democracy by composing the Declaration of Independence. Based on the letters and memoirs of America’s founding fathers, this classic, Tony Award-winning musical showcases the principles, pride and determination that influenced the birth of our nation.


James Konicek

John Hancock

Headshot for Peter Boyer.

Peter Boyer

Dr. Josiah Bartlett

Headshot for Brooks Ashmankas.

Brooks Ashmanskas

John Adams

Floyd King

Stephen Hopkins

Rick Hammerly

Roger Sherman

Headshot for Dan Manning.

Dan Manning

Robert Livingston

Matthew A. Anderson

Lewis Morris

Thomas Adrian Simpson

Reverend John Witherspoon

Headshot for Robert Cuccioli.

Robert Cuccioli

John Dickinson

Headshot for Christopher Bloch.

Christopher Bloch

Benjamin Franklin

Bobby Smith

James Wilson

Richard Pelzman

Colonel Thomas McKean

Headshot for Chris Sizemore.

Chris Sizemore

George Read

Headshot for Buzz Mauro.

Buzz Mauro

Caesar Rodney

Michael Bunce

Samuel Chase

Headshot for William Diggle.

William Diggle

Thomas Jefferson

Stephen F. Schmidt

Richard Henry Lee

Headshot for Patrick A'Hearn.

Patrick A’Hearn

Joseph Hewes

Headshot for Gregory Maheu.

Gregory Maheu

Edward Rutledge

Steven Carpenter

Dr. Lyman Hall

Headshot for Tom Story.

Tom Story

Charles Thomson

Drew Eshelman

Andrew McNair

Headshot for Matthew John Kacergis.

Matthew John Kacergis

A Leather Apron/Painter

Headshot for Sam Ludwig.

Sam Ludwig


Headshot for Kate Fisher.

Kate Fisher

Abigail Adams

Headshot for Erin Kruse.

Erin Kruse

Martha Jefferson

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