A street view of the lobby and the historic Ford’s Theatre. The lobby, on the left, is a modern building with large glass windows and a large sign reading “Ford’s Theatre.” The historic theatre, to the right, is a three-story brick building with a series of arched entrances.
Photo Ⓒ Maxwell MacKenzie.

Virtual Field Trips

Bring the story of President Lincoln’s assassination and the world of Civil War Washington into your classrooms with your choice of four, award winning virtual programs.

Using live videoconferencing, students and history lovers of all ages engage with primary source images and Ford’s Theatre Education staff in our interactive Virtual Field Trips.

Book a Virtual Field Trip as a private session for your class or group. Connect your students directly with Ford’s Education staff to explore the many stories of Ford’s Theatre has to offer. These sessions allow for maximum flexibility around scheduling, classroom set-up and learning needs.

Join us this spring for a Public Virtual Field Trip. Connect and learn with students and classrooms from around the country to learn about Lincoln’s connections to Elizabeth Keckly, Frederick Douglass and more. Registration will open in December 2023. Stay tuned!

All programs are appropriate for students and life-long learners. Specific grade-level recommendations are included with each program.

Book a Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Investigation: Detective McDevitt

Grades: 5+ | Length: 60 Minutes | $50 – $100

Assist Detective James McDevitt as he investigates the assassination of President Lincoln. Revisit sites and reexamine clues from April 14, 1865. In this interactive, theatrical program, participants will interact with historical characters portrayed by an actor, examine primary source images and hear witness statements. *Regular Price: $100 per session. Public School Teacher Price: $50 per session.*

Ford’s Theatre and the Lincoln Assassination

Grades: 5+ | Length: 60 Minutes | Free

Explore the story of President Lincoln’s assassination at Ford’s Theatre, the events leading up to it, and consider its lasting legacies. In this interactive program, participants will look closely at historical and contemporary images including maps, photographs and illustrations.

Virtual Visit: Ford’s Theatre

Grades: 5+ | Length: 40 Minutes | Free

Look inside Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site. Using high-quality photographs, this interactive program will show participants inside Ford’s Theatre and the presidential box, inside Petersen House and the room where President Lincoln died; and select artifacts from the Ford’s Theatre museum.

Exploring Lincoln in Washington

Grades: 3+ | Length: 60 Minutes | Free

Ford’s Theatre and The National Mall and Memorial Parks explore what Washington, D.C., was like for President Lincoln and how the city has grown and changed over the last 150+ years. Examine the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and Ford’s Theatre. In this interactive program, participants will look closely at historic and contemporary images of Washington D.C. including maps, photographs and illustrations.

Black and white newspaper print showing Abraham Lincoln standing on stage before a crowd of people.

The Power of Oratory

Grades: 5-9 | Length: 50 Minutes | Free

President Lincoln masterfully used oratory, the art of public speaking, to inspire his constituents and those words continue to guide our nation today. Students will actively participate in the examination of the calls to action in two of Lincoln’s speeches, The Gettysburg Address and the Address to the 166th Ohio Regiment, to discover what Lincoln wanted his listeners to do and why. With guidance from one of Ford’s Teaching Artists, students will then identify a cause important to them and write their own call to action during the session. Select volunteers will share their work with the class. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What platform do you use?

A: We are flexible. We are happy to host your virtual field trip on Zoom, or you can invite us into your virtual classroom in whatever platform you use (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, etc.). Our public virtual field trips are hosted on Zoom.

Q: Is a virtual field trip interactive?

A: Yes! We use a combination of historical and contemporary images and live, human interaction. We encourage participants to ask questions and respond to what they see.

Q: How long is the virtual field trip?

A: Our virtual field trips tend to last 40 to 60 minutes and always include time for questions.

Q: For what ages is the virtual field trip appropriate?

A: We include a grade-level recommendation with each program description. Private sessions can be easily adapted and customized to suit different age groups. We are pleased to serve students in second grade all the way up through life-long learners in retirement communities.

Q: Is there a maximum number of participants in a virtual field trip?

A: Our maximum capacity is 100 active participants.

Q: Do you do virtual field trips for groups that are not students or teachers or other non-education groups?

A: Yes! We are happy to serve history-lovers and private groups. Individuals are welcome to register for any of our public virtual field trips. Groups may request a private session. We do encourage private groups to make a $100 donation to Ford’s Theatre Society to support these distance learning and education programs.

Q: What does a Virtual Field Trip Cost?

A: Virtual Investigation: Detective McDevitt is $100 per session. Our other virtual field trips are FREE for students, teachers, and seniors. Other groups that book a private session are encouraged to make a donation to Ford’s Theatre Society to support these distance learning and education programs.

Q: Is there a minimum number of participants for a virtual field trip?

A: Individuals and learning pods of fewer than eight people are encouraged to join us for one of our public virtual field trips. You can always email us with specific questions at education@fordstheatrstg.wpengine.com

Q: Is a virtual field trip accessible?

A: Automatic closed captions are enabled for all virtual field trips hosted by Ford’s. Private sessions can be customized to accommodate a variety of needs. For specific requests, additional accommodations or questions, please contact us at access@fordstheatrstg.wpengine.com or education@fordstheatrstg.wpengine.com. We are committed to ensuring learners of all abilities can experience the programs Ford’s Education has to offer.

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