A side view of the stage and seating at Ford’s Theatre. On the left is the Presidential Box with an American flag, a framed picture of George Washington and American flag bunting draped over the box.
View from the stage of the President’s Box at Ford’s Theatre. Photo © Maxwell MacKenzie.

GalaPro Captioning

Ford’s Theatre partners with GalaPro to provide closed captioning to patrons in real time during live mainstage season performances.

Patrons who use captions will be able to access them on demand through their phone at any show they want with the innovative GalaPro app made specifically for theatregoers.

GalaPro is flexible, and the app is expertly designed to accommodate everyone. Use the settings on your smartphone or tablet to customize your font size and color or adjust brightness. The app uses a black screen with red or gray font that is visible only to the individual looking at the screen. Airplane mode is always on, so there will be no messages, phone calls or other distractions.

GalaPro can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play on your personal device.